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    - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by Peregryn on Mon Dec 27, 2010 10:15 pm

    Writer's Application - Closed

    We're looking for several different types of writers.
    You don't have to necessarily fall into one of these
    categories to apply though! If you want to write for
    us in another category, just ask Very Happy


    Item Descriptions
    Pet Descriptions
    Scenery Descriptions
    Main Storyline
    Roleplay Plot/Story
    Other (Please Specify)

    What We Want From You

    • Roughly 30-45 minutes, every few days, of your time.
    • Dedication to this site.
    • Participation and interaction with the other staff.
      (This is not mandatory, but it would be nice to see
      all of our staff working side by side.)

    How To Apply

    That's easy! Simply reply to this post with the form
    below and give us a few days to review your
    application! We'll either PM you or email you to
    let you know if you're accepted or not.

    The Form
    Email: (if you'd like to be notified via email.
    Leave blank if you want to be notified via PM on
    this forum.)
    Writer Type: (refer to list above)
    Examples: (These can be copy-pasted or linked.
    If you copy-paste, please contain the examples in a
    spoiler. Use this tag [ spoiler ] [/ spoiler ] without the spaces to do so.)

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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

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    Forum Name: Baku

    Age: 17, 18 in July

    Position Sought: Writer

    Experience: Nothing professional. I've done fanfics and I'm doing a novel, as well as bits and pieces of poetry and short stories here and there.

    Examples (if applicable): Fanfic Example

    (And then one written on the fly.)

    Click, click, click, click, cl-

    "Ah, blast it."

    A pair of pliers hit the workbench with a clatter, another soft curse filling the dusty air as bare fingers scrambled at screws. The air in Lane McRaen's workshop was damnably dusty, and the cause was this damn toy of his. Black hair fell in his face, and occasionally he would swipe it back so he could see what he was working on. Sitting up, the toy maker's hair cascaded back onto his shoulders and he heaved a heavy sigh. He was a toy maker to the queen, there was no excuse for such amateur mistakes. 'The green-eyed warlock', they called him. He couldn't quite imagine why. What he practiced wasn't magic, at least not that he knew of, and only one of his eyes was green. The other one was a flecked hazel, making it seem a pale brown without looking terribly close.

    "Ah, but perhaps that's why it's 'eyed' and not 'eyes-d'. Is eyes-d a word?" he asked the air, and it was enough to encourage him to sit up for a moment and think. No, certainly not a word. But perhaps it should be? It came in handy, obviously. Lane gave a shrug and went back to his work, twisting a nut into place and smiling softly when a satisfying clicking sound filled the air. His precious clockwork butterfly, jerkily fanning its wings and catching the filtered, waning light off unpolished steel wings. It was no marvel by itself, save perhaps the intricate clockwork in its body and the brass around its wings. No, it was no marvel. Not yet.

    Lane may not have been a warlock, but he was by no means a normal toy maker. He glanced up towards the clock on the wall, an intricate marvel with gears exposed that measured the time in colored water, not with any hands. He simply refilled the well every day and watched the water evaporate. Ah, but that's why the water was colored.

    "Genius things, chemicals," he murmured, as if agreeing with some narrative in his head. Yes, chemicals in the water gave it its color. And each chemical caused the water to evaporate at a different pace. A splendid science, 'witchcraft' as known by the less refined folk.

    White-gloved fingers danced down the workbench to wire cutters, which he took up and licked carefully. No, not intending on cutting his tongue thank-you. His blood didn't taste appealing enough. But that wasn't to say none of it would be shed, no, then he would definitely not be a remarkable toymaker. He tugged his opposite glove off with his teeth and spread the fingers of it, chanting a quick rhyme in his head and settling on the webbing between his thumb and forefinger. It was a different location from last time, he was still a tad sore there.

    The wire cutters, with their stunning black handles, were shifted between those two choice digits and he carefully placed either blade against the top and bottom of the webbing.

    "Now, precious, how hard shall we go?"

    The butterfly on the table clicked innocently, fanning her metallic wings.

    Click click click click cli-


    Lane winced just slightly, more at the blood seeping into his workbench than the pain of his self-inflicted injury. He quickly moved his hand over the butterfly, a few drops of the rich red liquid splatting heavily on the toy below, soaking through the plates of metal and working its way between the gears. And as it spread between them like oil, as it soaked in, Lane gave it life. His life. His will.

    The movements of the toy became more fluid, more organic. The antennae on its head flicked curiously and delicate legs kicked off from the table, curling against its body. The clicking had become a pleasant whirr instead, almost musical. And as the butterfly flew about the room, its legs pumping and moving in a pattern, it was musical.

    "Fur Elise," Lane sighed softly, the gentle twinkling woodwind tones seeming to bring the otherwise silent shop to life. A wad of gauze pressed against the cut and taped into place, the toy maker stood. A now blood-spattered smock was removed and draped over his chair, and yes he wore his finery today. He lifted his uninjured hand and the butterfly lit lightly upon his finger when its song ended, spreading her (Lane had decided then and there that this was a little lady, due to the intricacy of her song) wings gently and locking her pretty bolt eyes upon her maker.

    "Well, m'lady, what a pretty serenade you gave me," he said with a curtsy, gently pulling at the hem of his blue silk jacket for emphasis, "but I fear we've a date with the queen. She will enjoy your song more than any man will." Lane smoothed out his jabot, fixed his sleeve ruffles, and polished his buttons. A shining metal spider swung down from the rafters with a burgundy ribbon tied around a leg and quickly tied his hair back for him. before swinging back into the rafters like a small and metallic ape.

    "You, my dear, are only a taste of what is to come." A gentle, upward rising A minor seemed to ask 'what do you mean?' and the man was only too eager to reply. "Her Majesty has requested I make her a steed for her prized knight, you see. A full sized warhorse, can you imagine! She's even paying for me to have it constructed with a coat of gold and silver! And the body itself is to be entirely of bronze! What a magnificent creature it will be! Ah, but of course all of my creations are lovely, including you, m'lady Flutter," the last bit said hastily, as if to spare the construct's feelings. He poked it gently on the polished head, and in fact the entire creature seemed more lustrous than before receiving his blood.

    "Shall me, m'lady Flutter? The Queen is horribly disappointed when I am late for tea and biscuits."

    The butterfly gave a whirr and fluttered around Lane's head as the duo left the dusty workshop to the uncanny gazes of the marionettes that dangled from strategic positions around the workshop.


    (And another example. I swear this is all, I'm resisting putting up a bit of my novel. It's just for another example of the styles I can do.)

    Redfire was born a nameless pup in a pack of twelve. Like his brothers and sisters (four in all) he was of the alphas, but he was the only one to fully inherit his father's midnight coat. The pack made their home at the base and up the northern slope of a sleeping volcano, which provided warmth seeping up through the cracks in the crust all year round and kept most of the surrounding area green. The pack flourished because of this, and the elders often fancied themselves priestesses and revered the mountain as a god, a protector. His mother was Bluespirit, otherwise known as Sees Through Trees. She was a slender timber wolf with eyes that seemed constantly caught between puphood blue and adult gold. She was hailed as the best hunter in the pack, due to her uncanny ability to sense prey that none of the others could see. His father was Hollowood, or Walks With Bear. He was the burly, intimidating alpha male and protector of the pack, whose midnight black coat was offset by Redfire's own blue eyes, but with just a touch of green around the pupil. He was surrounded with legend, including the origin of his name. It's said that as a teenager he was sent on a vision quest over the mountain during the height of winter, but he climbed too high and left the protective bubble of warmth from the volcano. Three weeks later, when he was sworn dead, he came back with a black bear out of his side, that Hollowood had woken from his hibernation to warn him of a blizzard that would surely cause his den to cave in.

    Surely any male born of these two great wolves was bound to be amazing.

    Redfire grew up no different from his brothers and sisters, playing and eating and attending ceremonies. Many times he watched the older pups go on their vision quests. A few times he saw his father pull aside a pair of mates and bow his head in grief as they silently wept. Redfire didn't understand why until his own vision quest. As the eldest of his siblings, he took his first as an example for his little brothers and sisters. He held his head high as his father approached him for the final time in he didn't know how long.

    <i>By the name of the mountain, if you are found dead your body will be cast to the river that nourishes us.</i>

    He had never heard the oath before, and was almost shocked at the glazed look in his father's eyes as he spoke it. And yet, he understood. Any wolf that could not be worthy would provide a final service to the land, to the pack, by nourishing it with his own flesh. Redfire bowed his head and touched it to his father's before turning on his heel and setting out into the unclaimed lands surrounding the mountain.

    It was beautiful, really. Cardinals and jays filled the fading brown of the leaves with color, irritable badgers completed their dens with a mindful eye on the wolf that was wandering aimlessly through their home. Redfire could understand why wolves were sent here for their quests, why they were expected to do it. Alone and in the constant company of nature and nothing else, where words do you nothing, you are reverted to raw animal instinct and the beast is lulled by the beauty surrounding it. In a strange way, the scene was poetic. In a stranger way, it was threatening. Never before had he been in such silence, without at least the constant yipping of a pup or the teasing of his sisters or even the silent gaze of his mother that said so very much by itself. He was truly, utterly alone in a world he hadn't explored before. No pup had. And no teenager ever discussed what they saw after they returned. If they returned.

    It was after perhaps three days of wandering with an empty stomach that he happened across a gift from the volcano herself. An elk calf, which had apparently caught a hoof beneath a root, was limping and bleating for its mother. Redfire didn't know much about hunting in his age, but his mother had taught him that no cow will leave her calf behind, and if it's dead the mother will still try to rouse it. And Redfire was understandably wary, keeping to the treeline as he circled towards his planned prey. He was too hungry to wait for a better opportunity to come along, and if the cow was near she certainly wasn't in sight.


    Redfire lifted a paw and looked down. No, that certainly wasn't his paw. Was it the cow? Or another predator? Rumors of cougars patrolling the area quickly rang out in his head, and his tail tucked between his legs ever so slightly. He stood no chance against a cougar, even if he ran he could be caught. And cougars could move with much more agility than a wolf who did not know the land. But he smelled no unfamiliar scent, just the lingering scent of wolves past and the elk calf that was now to his left. Unless something was masking its scent? Had a cougar found some droppings to roll in?

    Redfire tucked himself low and crept behind the calf, his senses at their peak. He couldn't afford to be ambushed like this, it would ruin everything. He paused when the elk calf jerked its head up in alarm and glanced back at him, trying to run on three legs. It was no contest. He felt more like he was pushing the earth under him than pushing himself over it, and he was upon the calf with three bounds and a leap, blunt claws seeking purchase on the panicked animal and hauling himself up to bite into the back of its neck. The calf crumpled beneath him and he held, twisting his head occasionally until he was certain his prey was dead. Perhaps he had let his guard down once his prey was killed, once he had plucked away fur and dug into still warm innards. But a rustle and low growl behind him quickly brought his guard back and he whipped around.

    There stood an old, grizzled looking black bear with battle scars marring its body. A chill ran its way down Redfire's spine. This bear was preparing for hibernation, it was looking to bulk up for the impending winter. And Redfire was between it and a dead elk calf with plenty of fatty tissue still on it. Redfire froze up, logic telling him to run but his stomach telling him to wait. The bear took a step forward, Redfire a step back.

    <i>I seek only enough to sustain me. There will doubtlessly be enough left!</i> he pleaded, but the bear only growled and advanced again. Another step back, and Redfire winced a bit as his paw stepped on the spongy, hollowing-out chest of his prey. His father would defend the prey, his father would drag it from the bear with a snarl and a grimace. His mother would advise him to run. But no... this was his vision quest, and he could not be following his ancestors.

    <i>A cow never leaves her calf behind, even in death!</i> he said now, lifting his head into a confident position. <i>Leave the calf to me, and the cow will be near! You can take her, she is a meal far more befitting of you in any case!</i> the bear seemed to understand and consider this, its steps halted. This wolf was not growling, not challenging, and yet not fleeing. In his eyes he held the confidence and determination of a hawk, and he held himself like one as well. The bear decided that why bicker with this wolf when he could have something much fresher to eat? With a dull roar, it turned its hulking frame around and stalked away, leaving Redfire to eat in a triumphant state of peace.

    It was a week later that he understood the true meaning of a vision quest. Curled up beneath a rocky outcropping, a falcon came in his dreams. Its wings were ablaze and its eyes looked like cracking coals. It was the sort of thing that would terrify most, and yet Redfire felt no fear.

    <i><b>Young wolf who explores my mountain, you have bravery in your heart and knowledge in your head.</b>
    I do.
    <b>You have traveled long and far. Faced down a bear and did what most wolves could not. Your mother made this trek many years ago, and since then has proven herself to be the most fit female in the area. Your father too has proven himself against the wrath of the mountain. However one more challenge awaits you.</b>
    Name it, spirit.
    <b>A child of this spring has taken after you in the night, and is lost now.</b>
    Spirit! Praytell, how long ago did the pup leave?
    <b>Only last night, fortunate as it may be. They have noticed the pup is missing but the forest is harsh and unforgiving for her. Your final task is not one for your vision quest, but one for your own character. Find her, wolf, and save her life.</b>
    Spirit, may you tell me where she is?
    <b>I will show you what I see, what the birds see of her.</b></i>

    And in his dream he saw the rapids, white water spraying up onto what used to be an outstretching of land. But it seemed that the land bridge had been washed out in the morning's rainstorm. And he knew that was where the pup was. Redfire jolted awake with a start and, not questioning his dream, raced from his cover to the sound of rushing water.

    He arrived to see his father and two other wolves there. He recognized them as the parents of the recent Spring litter, an Iota and her mate. It was a breeding that was overseen by his father, a reward to the Iota for her services to the pack. And he followed their gazes across the rushing water to a trembling, mouse grey pup that was soaked to the bone. Redfire knew he could not swim the rapids. His body was slight, and he would be battered and broken on the rocks from the current.

    Ah, but the rocks.

    Slippery as they seemed, they jutted out of the water often enough that he could possibly jump along. The spirit had obviously wanted him to rescue the pup, perhaps the spirit would give him a blessing? Without considering it, Redfire raced to the bank and past the three surprised wolves there. His first leap sent him against a stone a bit harder than he wanted, and he scrambled for purchase as he caught his lost air. He had little time to rest, though. He wasn't sure which wave would knock him from his perch, or how much longer the pup could tolerate the wet and cold. The next stone came smoother, the third he nearly slipped from and into the churning waters. Two more. The fourth went smoothly, the fifth he only had enough room to touch down and spring off of onto the isolated landmass. He gave the pup a single, consoling lick before taking her gently by the scruff and plotting a different route back. He wouldn't be able to spring off the small stone like before, he wouldn't have enough power to be able to make it. Six stones there, perfect. He bounded with smoother strides now, perhaps motivated by the pup in his jaws that he couldn't afford to stress or lose his grip on.

    When he returned to the bank, he was as wet as the pup was and his legs were screaming at him. He set the pup down between her parents, who bathed the little one in affectionate licks and nudges. When Redfire looked up, it was to the proud gaze of his father. He had never seen such pride in Hollowood's eyes, and it made him shiver slightly to know he was the cause. The five returned to the pack lands, Redfire shaking water from his pelt as he went.

    His ceremony was a grand one, grander than he remembered the ones he watched as a pup being. Then again, when he looked out to the pups he knew why. They were playing innocently, hiding when their parents looked over. Yes, he wasn't ever interested in ceremonies. But this one was different. This one was his.

    His father stood before him and touched their noses, then turned to the pack.

    "The spirits have spoken to this wolf who called himself Redfire, and he saved the life of one of our own! An act of such courage and dedication is more than enough to earn him an official name! Redfire, in the name of the Kalawae pack, I name you One Who Jumps Rocks!"

    The howl the pack shared surely woke the mountain herself, and never before had Redfire felt as much excitement over a simple howl.

    Five months later he was officially sent out of the pack to start his new life, the son of Walks With Bear and Sees Through Trees. His father splashed grey volcanic mud upon his pelt as a blessing, and he set off to find his way in a land he had heard of in passing, a land where a wolf like him could truly make a life like the legacy his father left behind.

    Why Should We Pick You? Other than the fact that I have a ridiculous amount of time on my hands? xD I've not only beta tested a few different sites, but I'm a moderator on a roleplay site and I own a few roleplay sites of my own.

    Other Comments: I'm on every day for ages at a time. Really. Even when I enter college, it'll be from about the time I get home to the time I go to bed.

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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by Peregryn on Mon Dec 27, 2010 11:25 pm

    I am sorry if this seems intrusive but I followed the link that was posted on the Aywas thread to call for pet artists.

    Forum Name: Xin

    Age: (Are you over the age of 16?) Yes I'm over 16

    Position Sought: Writer

    Experience: None professionally, I am a recent university graduated English major. In the past I have written countless essays, poetry, and some fan fiction. I also did the bulk of the writing on my team for the Aywas scavenger hunt.

    Examples (if applicable): I am not sure what to put here as to be relevant to the site idea.

    Why Should We Pick You? No idea really. The concept of helping a pet site come to life seems intriguing and fun =) I ran a small interest website with my cousin when we were in middle school then in high school my friends and I hosted an RP forum. I am currently a moderator for a mmorpg players network and the idea of a pet site is interesting to me as I have played on a few.

    Other Comments: I hope you guys can make this site succeed regardless and I look forward on seeing what springs up ^__^




    I haven't really indulged in RP since High School but as an intro of some sort, I started off our group's Aywas Round Robin. This is my first chunk of the story, I am sorry it is not as polished as my other piece; haste was a factor.

    The door was struck open with considerably more force that necessary and admitted a glowering figure. A girl of late teens strode through the door way hastily and then all but slammed the door closed behind her. Dumping her backpack onto the floor in the middle of the room without any consideration to tripping factors she flopped onto her bed covers and laid there in a hap hazardous prone fashion. Playing with the ends of her long straight blue streaked black hair as per habit she replayed her dreadful day and groaned out loud.

    July was not having a good day in any way shape or form. Today just plain sucked. The dreadfully eventful day started off with a thunderstorm and improved when her umbrella deigned to dump water on her instead of keep it off. School was the usual sunshine and joy it always was with bitchy dictatorial teachers, group projects, and cheerfully plastic cheerleaders.

    Her afternoon then tanked with glee as her plans of going hanging out with her boyfriend then heading to a concert together after dinner fell apart like a wet tissue soaked in tears. She had arrived at his house directly after school instead of running the errand she was suppose to accomplish for her mother too excited about the concert that night held by her favorite band, Nightmare, to bother with mundane tasks assigned by a parent.

    Upon entering silently via the backdoor to surprise her rocker type boyfriend, Adrian, she had found the house seemingly deserted and so she headed upstairs to wait for him in his room. A smile had broken across her face when she saw the door to his personal domain open a sliver. Reaching for the knob she heard a girlish giggle emanate from within and it stopped her hand mid reach. She lowered her hand, now slightly shaking, and leaned close to the opening of the door to gaze through the crack. Silently she watched Adrian sit with the lead singer of his garage band straddled over his legs. July made no sounds as her boyfriend carded his hands through the other girl’s platinum blonde curls with pink streaks. He used to tell July all the time how much he loved her hair. She left his house five minutes later with as much noise as a cemetery at four in the morning and walked home increasing her pace every step.

    Alone sprawled on her bed, she stared at her bumpy white ceiling numbingly her mind still frozen and not processing the ramification of the situation she has been presented with. July then heaved her upper body off of the bed with some difficulty. Her body seemed strangely heavy today. Launching herself off of the bed entirely with some struggle she took the steps necessary to take her to her laptop.

    Wiggling the mouse a bit brought the screen back from its previously dormant state and her desktop picture of her and Adrian stared back at her like a physical blow. Blinking at the picture slowly for a few seconds she opened her internet browser so that her Google homepage covered up the vision. She then blinked at that for a few seconds too. ‘Today was just too much, too much’ she thought to herself as she pressed the heel of her hand into her solar plexus and took deep breaths. With her free hand, she opened her bookmarks list and selected Aywas off the list and signed in.

    Playing Aywas was her little secret; the only activity that she ever shared with her sibling away for her punk fashion group of friends who thought cute was definitely not cool. They did not hold the same interests that she did towards online games much preferring activities that got them out of the house. She only half agreed with them, but they didn’t need to know that.

    Just as she was checking on her highest level cook. Knocks that were just shy of banging riddled her door. Completely not in the mood for others, July half shouted an irritated “Go away unless you have the Ivy Kitsune I’ve been trying to catch for the last two days” at the occupant her door was barring from her room.

    “I do but I’m not giving it to you” was the smart ass half amused remark that returned through the door as the knob turned without permission.

    “I hate you”, July spun around in her rolling office chair to face the intruder. “What do you want?” she said crossly.

    A face with cerulean eyes and exact features to match hers and a head of black and blond spikes was poking in through her door way. “Mom wants to know if you’ll be eating dinner here tonight” it said.

    “Yes I am”, July scowled at her mental reason of exactly why she would be holed up at home tonight ignoring her phone. “In fact I’ll be staying in all night Tobe, so don’t think you have the television all to yourself”.

    Surprised flowed over Tobe’s face when he heard this, “Aren’t you suppose to go to some concert tonight?”

    “Yes, was supposed to. Not going anymore.”


    “No reason. I answered your question, go away now.” July replied irritatingly.

    “No reason isn’t a reason. Didn’t you love that band? You’ve been raving about that date for weeks already.”

    “I’m not going! No reason! Stop asking October, this is none of your business. Go Away or I’ll kick you.” She half shouted back fast reaching the end of her tether. July’s hands had curled into fists during her little speech and she pounded them on her chair’s armrests for emphasis.

    “Okay, okay geez. No need to threaten violence before dinner. Going going.” Tobe, whom at this point was all the way through the doorway, put his hands up and open in the universal surrender-don’t-hurt-me pose, “Grumpy much …”

    “Yes. Very.”

    “Well, we’re having one of Mom’s experimental stir fries for dinner if you’re really sure you’d rather be a guinea pig than go out.” The boy then stuck one hand into his cargo pant pockets and placed the other on the door knob. Turning to leave he threw back a warning look, “It’s Tobe, Tobe, Not October for Christsake. Only Mom, Dad, and teachers ever use my full name anymore, and that’s already seven too many” and then sighed “Why couldn’t we have had normal parents, normal parents don’t name their off springs after months in a year, stars, they didn’t even bother naming us by consecutive months at that …” his muttering trailed off as he left and closed the door quietly behind him.

    July sighed as well; it was an old rant of her brother’s.

    Swiveling back to her laptop, July started exploring the rain forest with one hand and half a mind as the other half of her was preoccupied with her problems and wondering if she should call her best friend Sari and have a good cry over it. Fingering her phone with one hand absentmindedly her mind went back to the scene she witnessed this afternoon and tears started to well up. She didn’t understand it, why would Adrian do that. She was pretty too wasn’t she, and mostly smart too. Why would he not want her anymore? Gripping her phone hard enough for it to creak slightly, July noticed that it was hard to see the screen anymore through her pent up tears and that she was clicking the gray buttons that popped up indiscriminately, “Great, now I probably have all sorts of crap in my inventory” she muttered glumly to herself. July grabbed a tissue from a box on her dresser and gently wiped away the tears, she refused to cry by herself. Maybe it was a misunderstanding, maybe they’re just really good friends. She laughed at herself. She will cry later, later when she was with Sari. Sari always knew best what to do to make everything better.

    Checking her Aywas friends list and finding no one online to spill her day to, she pushed back away from her desk and frowned at her phone. It was one hour before Adrian was suppose to come get her for dinner if she never showed up at his place and he hasn’t called her yet. Tapping a finger against her phone screen July contemplated her choices. She could stay at home which would lead to a solo emotional break down then calling to beg of her evening plans lamely and conclude the evening fighting her twin for the television remote. She could pretend everything was fine and go to dinner and concert anyways with Adrian. Or she could call Sari and bawl out at her then go do whatever Sari come up with afterwards.

    Decisions decisions.

    “I hate my life” she thought bitterly.

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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by Peregryn on Mon Dec 27, 2010 11:27 pm

    Forum Name: Firoia
    Age: (Are you over the age of 16?): Yes, I am.
    Position Sought: Writer
    Experience: Nothing professional. I've been writing for several years and I mostly stick to short stories, poetry, and I've even started a few things that I hope might turn into books one day.
    Examples (if applicable): This is a link to some of my poetry. Clicking the titles shows you the full version of the poem: http://www.everypoet.net/poetry/blogs/thinblood666

    Other than that, the only thing I have readily available is an excerpt from a chapter in a science-fiction story I'm writing:

    She landed in garbage. It was pitch black inside wherever she was and the only thing that tipped her off was the smell. She had fallen through an open garbage port and, from the sound of things, it was about to be launched to intercept a garbage pick-up barge just outside Altaria’s atmosphere. There was a loud humming and groaning as the doors of the ports slid shut, cutting off the shouts of the officers pursuing her. An alarm sounded outside and bright lights flashed on above her, making her blink. The walls were slick metal and reflected the lights in strange, warped patterns. Half-way down the wall, about eight feet up from the enormous pit if bags of garbage, was a cat walk where Gal-met walked about, tossing a few last bags onto the piles and securing the doors. She wriggled deeper between the huge bags of trash, biting back whimpers and groans at the pain. Please don’t let them see me. Don’t let them see me.

    She felt the wound in her side break open as she twisted around and black spots bloomed behind her eyes with the pain as blood slicked her skin and clothes and the plastic of the bags. The voices and light faded a bit and she let her eyes close to keep from getting dizzy as the her head began to spin. She must have fallen asleep, for a very loud, very hard jolt shook her awake. She felt stiff and weak and her thoughts felt muddled. She touched her side and leg, and she felt the crusted blood on her clothes and the hole where the phaser round had burned through her flesh. Her fingertips touched the barest edge of the wound on her leg and she nearly screamed as pain rippled up her side. It had broken open as well and the burn on her arm was protesting to all the movement. It was then that the floor of the room fell away from her and she tumbled down a ramp with the bags of garbage. The breath left her lungs in a gasp as she landed on her stomach on a smooth floor. The bags tumbled over her and blocked out any view of the room around her. She lay there, trying to get her breath back and make her head stop spinning.

    Why Should We Pick You? I'd love to help develop the site. I enjoy exploring new places when I write, and putting them down for other people to experience. I've been itching for a new adventure.


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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by Ninva on Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:06 am

    Username: Ninva
    Email: PM Heuristic Heckler @ Gaiaonline
    Writer Type: I have experience in everything besides item descriptions, so you can just place wherever you desire.
    Examples:Story, Description, Essay

    Sinister Whispers

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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by Sinister Whispers on Wed Dec 29, 2010 4:00 am

    Username: Sinister Whispers
    Email: madison.coates@hotmail.com
    Writer Type: Scenic or item description part.

    Black and white in a world of color,
    It gets lonely sometimes.

    I'm just a shade of the darkness,
    while everyone else is full of life..

    Instead of love,
    I have tears.
    (Part of my book I'm writing)

    When I opened my eyes for the first time, all I seen was a figure in a black cape.

    “Good. You survived. You will be of great use to me.” Her voice rang like twinkling bells. It sounded to light, apart from her clothing. “You must be thirsty now.” She turned around so her back was toward me. “Daniel-” Who's Daniel? ”Fetch a snack for the newborn.” Wait. Newborn?

    Then suddenly there was an agonizing burn in my throat. I grabbed my neck. What is it coming from? “What's wrong with me?” I asked the cloaked figure. She removed her hood and faced me once again.

    She spoke in a calm, mellowed voice. “Hello young one. My name is Faith.” Her piercing red eyes looked at me for a brief moment before turning away. Another cloaked person handed me a lifeless body. I instantly grabbed the body and sank my teeth into her neck. The warm, sweet nectar from her body ran down my throat and put out the fire in my throat.

    “There, better?” Faith asked me with a smirk on her face.

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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by Isacean on Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:29 am

    Username: Isacean

    Writer Type: Item descriptions, pet descriptions, scenery descriptions

    Examples: [ link to examples ]

    All available samples of my writing are posted there. I've got a talent for descriptions, but I'm also willing to help out with roleplay information if necessary. I'm rarely ever off-line, even during classes, so I'd be able to make the minimum attendence per day, plus whatever extra projects need doing.

    Edit: I've also got a massive skill for the technical aspects of writing - grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. I'm more than willing to help edit various projects as well.

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    Application for writing position

    Post by kincsem on Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:14 am

    Forum Name: Kincsem

    Age: (Are you over the age of 16?) Yes, 24

    Position Sought: Writer (and or Moderator)

    Writer Type: Item Descriptions, Pet Descriptions, Scenery Descriptions, Main Storyline

    Experience: No professional experience. I have completed a university degree (in Australia) and always obtained high marks for my essays and pieces of writing throughout high school and University. I have experience writing essays and fiction pieces.

    Examples (if applicable): Here is an example of a fiction piece I did for a writing contest on Aluriya


    Dear Journal,

    My mother is planning yet another Ball! I am sure it will be as dull as the last, especially if Lord Craslea is in attendance. He is such a bore, his extensive landholdings aside, I cannot imagine why mother and father believe he would make a good match for me, it's not like we need more land.



    Dear Journal,

    The Ball was even worse than I expected, I am to be married to be Lord Craslea! Father accepted his proposal and the date has already been set for 2 weeks hence. I should rather die than become Lady Craslea. Whatever am I to do?


    Dear Journal,

    There is no other option, I must run away. My dear friend Hrimfaxi has agreed to help me escape...


    The Lady Aleksia, or Sia as she preferred to be called, twined her long dark hair in a bun, securing it with a silver hair pin. She checked her rucksack a final time to make sure the silver and gold shards and jewelry she had placed within were secure. Finally she strapped a small ornamental dagger to her waist and wrapped herself in a warm wool cloak.

    Sia crept silently down the vine ladder she had dropped from her bedroom window, leaving behind the grand treehouse above. An Arabi, invisible in the dark save for its pure white mane and tail that glowed with the moon's light, waited below.

    ’Hrimfaxi’ the hooded figure thought ’thank you for aiding me.’
    ’Of course I would help you Sia’ the Arabi thought in response.

    Sia had been able to speak to Aethers in this way for as long as she could remember. Her parents, Lord and Lady Lyndar, had rebuked her for her tales of speaking to Aethers, believing she was merely making up stories. Eventually Aleksia had stopped trying to convince them of the existence of her ability.

    Sia climbed on Hrimfaxi's back and together they silently made their way towards the temporary rope bridge tethering the Lyndar Estate to the island of Alewynde. Hrimfaxi picked his way carefully across the rope bridge making sure not to step between the wood planks. Once safely across Hrimfaxi broke into a ground covering canter and disappeared into the night, carrying Sia away from the privileged life she had always known.


    "Zane, you’re in charge of buying supplies, here's the list of what we need" Darius, Chief of the Finlay wanderer clan, said as he handed a small slip of paper to his eldest son Zane. He continued barking out orders to the rest of the finlay clan “Danae, Maro stay here and mind the ship, I need to go see the Herbalist. Everyone else, you know the drill, take the leather goods and jewelry and sell or trade what you can. We meet back here at midday.” Darius climbed aboard Aksorax, the clans most loyal Hsulan and set off for the herbalist’s island leaving the rest of the clan to their tasks.

    Zane sighed as he stepped of their island ‘ship’ onto Alewynde and headed towards the marketplace, the list was a long one and it would almost certainly take him the whole day to gather everything on the list. He decided to start with the fresh fruit first and headed towards Junifer’s fruit stall once he entered the market, she had the freshest produce and the best prices of all the traders in the market.

    Sia had also come to the marketplace hoping she could barter passage off Alewynde before her parents even noticed she was missing. First however, she needed some supplies. She hadn’t actually been to the marketplace before, her parents employees bearing the responsibility for buying goods which the Lyndar estate did not produce. The size of the marketplace was bewildering; everywhere Sia looked there were people bartering over goods of every type you could imagine.

    Sia decided the most important thing on her list was food, she had been wary of taking too much with her in case the kitchen staff had noticed her stocking up on food and became suspicious. Sia approached a fruit and vegetable merchant with a slightly worn sign proclaiming in crooked writing ‘Hep’s Produce – The finest in all Alewynde’.

    “Can I help you?” The man behind the counter said, he had dark hair and bushy eyebrows and when he smiled Sia could see that he was missing a few teeth.

    “I need some supplies” Sia said as she looked over the produce. The apples were bruised and the plums looked as though they had started to rot, but Sia merely put that down to their having been transported to the market; she was used to eating fruit straight from the orchard at home on the Lyndar Estate. “How much for a dozen sweet apples, two-dozen golden plums and a dozen orb pears?” Sia asked.

    “That’ll cost you 2 Gold Shards” Hep stated, thinking to take advantage of Sia. Although Sia was wearing a simple tunic and breeches the merchant Hep had noticed the quality of her clothes and the fine cut of her boots, not to mention the inexperienced way she was bargaining.

    Sia began to pull the Gold Shards out of a small leather pouch on her belt when someone roughly placed a hand on her wrist stopping her. Startled Sia looked up to see a young man, maybe 18 or 19 years old with short wavy brown hair, she opened her mouth to tell him to get his hands off her but the boy beat her to it

    “That price is outrageous, the fruit your selling isn’t even worth 2 silver shards apiece let alone 2 Gold Shards” he said to the merchant, before turning to Sia “I’m Zane by the way” he said, letting go of Sia’s wrist “I wouldn’t buy any fruit from Hep’s stall, it’s always half rotten by the time it gets to the market, if you want good quality fruit for a good price you need to see Junifer. I’m going there now, if you want I can show you the way?”

    “I think I can find my own way around without your help, thankyou” Sia said stiffly, turning away before he could respond, and walked into the crowd.

    Zane just shook his head and headed on towards Junifer’s stall – in the opposite to where Sia had gone. Silly little rich girl he thought to himself. He too had noticed the quality of Sia’s clothing and glimpsed the amount of Gold Shards in her leather purse.


    It was almost midday and Zane had finally gathered everything on the list, making several trips back to the ship with the goods. He was about to step aboard the ship when he noticed the girl he had met at Hep’s stall sitting under a small tree on the far side of the ship next to a black Arabi.

    “What is she doing here?” he said to his sister Danae, pointing at Sia.

    “Oh, her name’s Sia, she bartered with Dad for passage away from Alewynde” Danae said.

    “What do you mean, ‘away from Alewynde’? Doesn’t she have somewhere specific she wants to go?” Zane asked.

    “No she just said away from Alewynde, apparently she’s a wanderer and got separated from her family when they were attacked by pirates and came here hoping to find them at the marketplace”.

    “Right, like a wanderer would have a pouch full of Gold Shards” Zane said walking away.

    “We leave in five minutes” Darius shouted as he finished harnessing Aksorax and Kilmaera to the ship. The two Huslans pulled the ship in exchange for food and a comfortable place to sleep at night.


    Later that evening the Finlay’s and Sia were sitting around a small fire, after eating dinner.

    “So Sia, do you know where your family was headed before they were attacked by pirates?” Darius asked.

    “Uhh...I’m not really sure. We were traveling north so that’s why I thought I might find them at the marketplace but I asked around and no one had seen them.

    “What kind of wanderer doesn’t know where their family is heading?” Zane said in disbelief.

    “Zane!” Darius said sharply “Mind your manners”.

    Sia couldn’t believe her rotten luck, of all the wanderers she had to barter passage with she had ended up on the same ship as Zane. She had been prepared to put aside what happened earlier today and give him a second chance but since setting foot on the ship he had been nothing but rude to her. He also didn’t even bother pretending to believe her story.

    “How about you Darius, are you and your family heading anywhere in particular?” Sia asked.

    “Oh, here and there, we go wherever the winds take us, trading our crafts. It’s a good living but I always dream that one day we’ll be the first to discover a new island large enough to make a permanent home” Darius said “I mean don’t get me wrong I love this ship but it’s too small to grow any berries or crops, or even build a proper tree house”.

    Sia swallowed slowly thinking of all the land her parents owned. Land which would have been hers one day had she not thrown it all away. She decided to keep that knowledge to herself. “Well, I hope that one day soon you do find such an island” Sia said brightly, downing her cup of barley wine in one gulp.

    ‘PIRATES!’ Sia heard the shout in her mind, as Aksorax and Hrimfaxi simultaneously saw the pirates approaching the ship.

    “PIRATES! ON THE STARBOARD SIDE” Tarro, Zane’s Uncle, immediately shouted a similar warning to the Finlay’s

    Immediately everyone scrambled to their feet grabbing swords and knives to use as weapons.

    “Here, I hope you know how to use a sword” Zane said shoving a long knife into Sia’s hands before springing away to hack at the grappling ropes the pirates were using to latch on to the Finlay’s ship.

    Sia quickly followed and attempted to the same. One of the pirates managed to board the Finlay’s ship just to her left, she screamed but it was too late, the pirate had grabbed hold of her. Sia managed to struggle free just as Zane jumped forward to attack the pirate, but she overbalanced and fell off the edge of the ship.

    “SIA” Zane screamed trying to grab hold of her, but it was too late, Sia was falling into the mists of the aquos....


    Sia woke to find herself lying next to a small stream. Her head was throbbing and the ribs on her left side felt like they were on fire. She carefully sat up and was quickly overcome by a wave of dizziness.

    Where am I Sia thought ... and how did I get here?

    ’You are on a new island, still floating up through the mists’ Sia was startled by the response and quickly looked around for the source. A Sun Hsulan was lounging about 100 yards upstream from where Sia lay. ’To answer the second part of your question, I caught you as you fell through the mists and brought you here’ the Hsulan continued.

    ’Oh, thank you’ Sia slowly stood up and started walking towards the Hsulan ’My name is Sia.’

    ’I am Suraya’ The Huslan replied.

    ’Pleased to meet you Suraya, and thanks again for saving my life.’

    ’The island will be out of the mists soon, unless you wish to claim it I would suggest that you make plans to leave before others see the land and come to claim it.’

    Sia looked around the island. She estimated it to be around 300 marks in size, with several trees and a stream flowing, from a small pond near the centre of the island, over the edge in a fine misty waterfall. ’I think I may just claim this island, I’ll name it Wyndara. I know a few friends who will be more than happy to help me defend it for equal shares in its ownership.’


    Dear Journal,

    It’s official! Wyndara belongs to myself and the Finlay’s. Shortly after Wyndara rose above the mists Zane and Aksorax found the island. He had apparently been searching for me for almost 3 days after I fell of their ship! I really was wrong about him.

    My parents also caught up with me not a day after finding Wyndara. News travels quickly when a new island surfaces. They were furious with me when they found out I had run away by choice, they thought I must have been kidnapped. I really did not mean to scare them like that. I’m not sure if they will ever speak to me again, and I believe I may have been disowned.



    Dear Journal,

    Wyndara has finally been worked down to arable soil thanks to the hard work of myself and the Finlay clan over the last few years. The first crops are planted and should be ready for harvesting this spring.

    My parents are speaking to me again. It's taken them quite some time but they are starting to accept my decisions and the life I have chosen for myself. Just in time too, since Zane and I are expecting our first child to arrive before the first spring growth. Mother cried for joy when I told her she was to be a Grandmother!

    Hrimfaxi and Suraya still spend most of their time with us, lazing about in the sun and getting in the way of our work! Although they do occasionally make up for it by assisting us with the more difficult tasks.

    I am happier now than I have ever been.


    Sia Finlay

    Why Should We Pick You? I have played on several virtual pet sites (icluding Wajas, Khimeros and Aluriya) and would love to be involved in the design and set up of a new site. I feel I have a lot of creativity that would be valuable in the initial design of your site and I would always try and find ways to continuously improve the site. I am a productive team player and will try and contribute ideas and support other peoples ideas also.

    Other Comments: I look forward to being a part of your new site and hope I can aid you in making it a successful and exciting place for everyone.



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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by Swolf on Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:47 am

    Forum Name: Swolf

    Age: (Are you over the age of 16?): No, but please, don't let that fool you into thinking I'm illiterate, immature or inexperienced.

    Position Sought: Writer, though I'd be fine with being Moderator as well. Going under the subcategories in writer, any would be fine. Smile

    Experience: I have demo tested several sites, and (if I may be so bold) my "chronic roleplaying" has achieved grammar skills that (from my experience) is well above most people my age. I'll confess, I skipped a grade and am now a Freshman in High School, and my essays consistently receive good marks.

    Examples: My, I always seem to find myself at loss when it comes to finding examples. Oh, perchance this rough draft will suffice:

    It was a hot, dusty day in southern California. A drought had swept the state, and the heat was stifling. Not even the flies were moving during the afternoon, and certainly not the residents of the small town of Desperation. The day was June 6th, 2006.

    The doorbell of the local general store rang as James Herrington, the town sheriff, strolled in. “Mornin’, Bill,” he grumbled, nodding to the clerk. “Hot today.”

    “It’s hot every day, Jim.”

    James grunted, and moved back into the cold drinks section of the store.

    The bell rang again, and as the door swung open, and the temperature dropped about ten degrees. A tall man, probably in his early to mid-forties strolled in. He looked drastically out of place, with his slick black hair, custom made suit, and pale complexion. His eyes, an unnatural gold with flecks of royal blue, flicked coldly form Bill to James, before his blank expression broke into a brilliant white smile.

    “Hello, kind gentlemen. May I inquire as to where the carbonated beverages are?”

    Bill and James were momentarily stunned by this man’s strange appearance and prompt way of speaking, but quickly regained their senses. “They’re in the back,” Bill grumbled, gesturing towards James was browsing.

    “Thank you, sir.” The man ran a hand over his long black hair, which gained a bluish sheen in the light. He swept past James, who muttered something under his breath.

    The stranger froze, and slowly turned to face the sheriff. “Excuse me, sir? What was that you said?”

    “I said nothin’,” James mumbled, not meeting the man in the eyes. “Jus’ thinkin’ of my kid. He’s in the military, you know-“ He stopped short and doubled over, clutching his stomach as if he had been shot. His knees trembled then collapsed so that he was kneeling on the ground, gasping for breath.

    “I believe you used an offensive word to dub me as homosexual. Is that correct, James Herrington?”

    “How’d you-“

    Bang! A shot ricocheted over the stranger’s head, but he did not flinch. He turned his fiery glare upon Bill, whose hands immediately clenched so hard that the butt of the gun began to crack. Bill’s eyes widened, and he tried to throw the gun to the ground, but it was as if he had lost control of his body. He gripped the gun even tighter until the wooden base shattered, the shards digging into and through his hands. He cried out, and then also sank to his knees.

    The stranger returned his attention to James, who had managed to fight the pain and grab his gun from his holster. He pointed it up at the stranger, who smiled into the gun. “You can’t kill me,” he laughed, gently touching a finger to the sheriff’s forehead. “For I am Azrael Angelus Nex,” James went rigid, and his eyes rolled up into his head. “Azrael, Angel of Death.”

    Azrael lifted his finger from James’s forehead, and flicked his hand in Bill’s direction; a movement like he was trying to flick away a fly. Bill flew backwards into the wall, and was dead before he even hit the ground.

    Azrael leaned over, and gently stroked James’s cheek, then did the same to Bill. “Well, I believe the two of you will be sorted quickly enough. I’m betting on a few weeks in Purgatory, but you’ll both make it out soon enough.”

    He leaned against the counter, popped open a coke, and took a long swig. He choked as he saw movement outside, and he slammed the drink to the table as he doubled over, his coughing growing worse. He soon quieted down, and made to straighten up, but froze as he located the source of the disturbance.

    There's more, but I'm pretty sure that it would make little to no sense since none of you are acquainted with this particular character. >.>;

    Why Should We Pick You? Well, why not? I find it a mark of maturity that I confessed my true age, and I would enjoy helping a new and emerging site grow, as well as improve my writing abilities. I'd like to believe that I'm the laid-back kind of person that works well with others. I tend to have a lot of extra time on my hands, since the only extracurricular activities I'm involved in are Band and Entomology.

    Other Comments: Well, I'm sure that the site will be very successful, especially since you have Redbuzzard doing art. X3

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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by Ghost on Tue Jan 04, 2011 2:21 am

    Username: Ghost
    Email: lexynina@msn.com or AnimeFreakAnonymous@gmail.com, either of them will work as I check them daily.
    Writer Type: Main Story and RP Story, I could do description too.
    Age: 18
    Amount of Time On Each Day: 3 hours minimum usually

    1. http://kyoto-uzumaki.deviantart.com/art/Blooming-of-the-Flower-2-192038370?q=gallery%3Akyoto-uzumaki%2F10847230&qo=0

    2. http://kyoto-uzumaki.deviantart.com/art/Singing-in-the-Snow-191676513?q=gallery%3Akyoto-uzumaki%2F10847230&qo=6

    3. http://kyoto-uzumaki.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2zsx8o

    If you can't see these they are on my DA, Kyoto-Uzumaki.deviantart.com

    Example Created on the Spot:


    Triad winced up at the sun, placing his left hand in front of his eyes to reduce the glare. It was only 4 in the morning and already the sun was blazing. This didn't bode well for the farms. He sighed and headed down the hill towards his home, it seemed he was going to have to water them early. Kicking at a rock as he walked Triad let his mind drift to the days chores. He had much to do before noon, and not much time to complete his tasks.

    Maybe he could as Frin and Grun for help. Usually the two knuckleheads caused more trouble than was worth but Triad couldn't deny that he wouldn't be able to do everything on his own this day. Any other yes, but with Father Moon away he had to buck up and ask for help when needed. Sighing again, Triad round the corner at the barn and headed straight inside, rubbing the sting of the sun from his neck.

    Miriam, the housemaid and Triad's closest friend, smiled at him as she worked on dinner. Triad could here the other orphans running a muck upstairs and didn't feel like chasing them down at the moment so instead he plopped onto a stool at the table to watch Miriam work.

    Eh, there you go. Smile I can do descriptions as well I'm sure but I haven't before so I don't have examples or anything for you guys. I have plenty of time and usually check my pet sites once a day so there's no problem with that.

    I can definitely dedicate myself to the site so don't worry about that either and I'm really easy to get along with and won't have a problem getting along with other staff.

    I love writing, I'm writing my own books and I write poetry as well. I wrote a poetry book for my senior project and I think I'm pretty good, although I don't want to toot my own horn XD Anyway love to here from you guys! Very Happy


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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by KatInTheHat on Thu Jan 06, 2011 5:09 am

    Username: KatInTheHat
    Email: kelseygoldman@mac.com
    Writer Type: Item Descriptions, Pet Descriptions, Scenery Descriptions, News Posts, Legal Documentation, Rules.
    1. This one-of-a-kind orange bunny is just the furry friend you'll want to keep your spirits up during your dangerous travels.
    2. Grumbles are a fearsome species, equipped with sharp blades down their backs and large retractable metal claws. They hunt their prey in the moonlight and spend their days guarding their rocky dens from intruders.
    3. Lake Swan is a blissful place to relax after a hard day of hiking through the treacherous forests. The soft sand and gentle lull of the waves are sure to make any tired traveler's day.
    4. Welcome to Creatureville! We're currently in the Beta phase of development, which means anybody may join free! However, be warned that the game is still unfinished and may change rapidly and without notice in order to become the bets online SIM it can be. Go ahead and adopt a pet from the Adoption Clinic to get started on your incredible adventure!
    5. Creatureville reserves the rights to all content displayed on its server including, but not limited to, all; artwork, graphics, coding, descriptions, writing, ideas, designs, etc.
    6. No posts are allowed to contain hate-speech, player harassment, bullying, personal attacks, or otherwise offensive content.
    Princess Puff

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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by Princess Puff on Thu Jan 06, 2011 7:24 am

    Username: Princess Puff
    Writer Type: Item Descriptions, Pet Descriptions, anything creative really.
    “RING!” The bell for the starting of the day began. Another day in this building, another day of my life. Faces I’ve never seen before passing along as I hurry through the mysterious structure. I walk into a classroom and freeze as all eyes gaze upward and peer at me curiously.

    Other: Since I'd rather not have too many emails coming through(but if I need to I'll allow it), I'd rather if we could talk about this through mweor(since that's where I first heard about this). My ID is Princess Puff (13714).

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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by Holland on Thu Jan 06, 2011 1:31 pm

    Username: Holland
    Email: ---
    Writer Type: Item Descriptions, Pet Descriptions, Scenery Descriptions, Main Storyline
    Examples: I'll include an excerpt from my work-in-progress novel.

    Once he made up his mind, he was very hard to sway.

    Such was Bromley Florian’s nature. The men and women who strove to raise their companies’ statuses by being able to work alongside Florian Enterprises were well aware of this single aspect of his personality, and it always amused him to watch them grovel at his feet.

    At this moment, he was in the middle of a conference with one such man, a thin, balding creature named Mr. Goodin. Bromley hadn’t been listening for the last half-hour – he’d already made a decision in regards to the imbecile’s proposal – but he’d instructed his two assistants, Tyler Stroud and Mari Hamilton, to pay close attention and take notes prior to the meeting.

    He drummed his fingers on the arm of chair and watched as the man jumped, turned, and looked into his eyes.

    Bromley Florian was an extremely handsome young man, with hair blacker than night and a strangely regal air about him. He was cold and harsh to many people, felt little remorse, and was as ruthless as his father raised him to be. He was, of course, a good actor for the sake of his public reputation and the welfare of his company; he could put on a mask of a caring, wonderful individual without batting an eye before turning around with a mask of winking mischief.

    But what most people noticed first about him were his eyes, his mismatched eyes – his left stormy grey, his right a bright green. His eyes always betrayed his emotions; when he smiled or laughed, the joy never reached his eyes. They were colder than ice, burning with an intense dislike whenever he gazed upon lesser beings or strangers.

    Many people avoided looking him directly in the eyes for those reasons. Mr. Goodin was no exception; as soon as he made eye contact, he gulped audibly, tore his eyes away, and feverishly continued his presentation. Bromley’s assistants were used to seeing reactions like his, but their faces betrayed their emotions.


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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by kdrod95 on Fri Jan 07, 2011 5:36 pm

    Writer Type:pet/ item description
    Examples: I don't have any examples on this laptop, but I do on my main computer... I'm not the greatest with stories or poetry, but I will get my examples ASAP

    Poetry examples

    My name is [insertlastnamehere] Kelly,
    I have a skinny belly.
    I don't like to eat,
    I'm definatly not neat,
    but I'm told that I'm not smelly.

    That would be me making fun of myself. Only example I have right now, but I will update this when I have more.

    I'm also on for at least an hour every day, and will let you know if my computer crashes or if I can't get on for whatever reason.

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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by KaiVii on Sat Jan 08, 2011 2:32 am

    Username: KaiVii
    Email: Draco_icewing@yahoo.com, that's also YIM
    Writer Type: Any, All, I'm good with all of that
    Examples: A general writing example from a RP:
    Dvaki was sharding pissed. Rarely this ever happened. Normally she was a very calm and laid back sort of woman. Only an insult to family or her flock could upset her. A fair of Firelizards attacking you and yours would make anyone upset. Not only that, but the hatching had started! All her flock but Sco and Nia was now in the rafters humming and watching the hatchlings impress. Sy had invided her and by the first egg she wanted to see him impress!

    The breeder had been jogging up the trail to the Weyr as soon as her 'lizards had started humming. She had been to a few hatchings over the years and there was no mistaking that sound. Getting her brothers to watch Nia had been easy, Vi Vedde and Nin had all flashed /between/ ahead of them, leaving her faithful brown on her shoulders as usual. The path was pretty deserted by this point, most people made faster time than she.

    Then the deamons of the sky attacked.

    Coming out of nowhere a whole flock of firelizards, how many she still didn't know, swarmed around her head, scratching her face, Sco's hide and her arms. Feeling their distress Vi and Nin came back to theirs and tried to fend off the mob. It wasn't going well and Dvaki was trying to make a run for it when they all ran off, just as quickly as they had come.

    All but one.

    "What the sharding fall was that! Any what do you think you're doing, hovering there like your friends didn't just scratch us up?" She snapped at a lone green that had not fled with the others.

    "Oh whatever, I don't have time for this! I've missed almost everything as it is!" She growled and started back up the trail, ignoring the green following her. It could jump /between/ and stay there for all she cared right now. Thankfully Sco and the others weren't hurt any worse than her, but they had all fled to the Weyr and the safety of protective mother dragons.

    Finally Vaki made her own way up and climbed into the sands. Oh shards, there were only a few eggs left, and Sy wasn't on the sands...

    Suddenly Sco sent her an image of her friend with his new green and she grinned broadly. He did impress! she would have to find him later to congratulate him. After she lost this annoying new...green...annoyance.

    No, Dvaki was not in a good mood.
    Another Story Excerpt:
    The cat moved. That was the only thing that Harry could get through his brain as he tried to fall asleep that night. Crookshanks had somehow known that his Person needed him, and had snuck into the infirmary. Hermione had spent the last few minutes trying to get him to go back to Gryffindor tower but he must have sensed that she was upset and wouldn't leave her side. Finally the girl had given up and fallen asleep but harry himself was having a harder time. Madam Pomfrey had tried to get him to drink a sedative, claiming he needed his sleep in order to heal, but he had just shrugged it off. How could he sleep when his godfather might be a soulless wraith at any moment? Dumbledore had tried to assure him that Sirius would be getting the trial that he had deserved for 12 years, but Harry wasn't very confident in the Ministry's ability to do the right think. Besides, Sirius wasn't the only one he was worried about.

    What was going to happen to Professor Lupin?

    As he, Ron, Sirius, Hermione and Lupin had tried to get both Pettigrew and Snape back up to the castle relatively unharmed the werewolf had started to transform. Sirius tried to transform into Padfoot and fight the Wolf away from the humans but before he could the three students and the Hogwarts professor had all been mauled rather badly, and the rat animagus had gotten away. The screams of all four people had alerted the castle and many people had witnessed what transpired through the windows of the castle.

    To Harry this was a mixed blessing. On one hand enough witnesses had come forward about Pettigrew for Sirius to get his trial, on the other and those same witnesses, more even, came forward about their DADA teacher turning into a werewolf and almost killing four people. Harry, Ron and Hermione didn't hold it against the man of course; he had been distracted by the confrontation of his friends. The rest of the world didn't see it the same way, however, and the three were also certain that the Potion's Master would delight in pressing charges against the man for almost killing him, and transmitting to all of them the curse of the lycanthrope.

    Privately the thirteen year old didn't much care about this supposed curse. Maybe this way he wouldn't… couldn't go back to the Dursley house this summer. Then again Sirius would be freed and Harry could go to live with him like he had been supposed to.

    His godfather would be freed right? He wasn't positive even though he knew the man was telling the truth. If the Ministry could lock him in a cell surrounded by Dementors for 12 years without a trial they probably wouldn't hesitate to do so again.

    Desperately the boy wished that he could run up to the Headmaster's office and see what was going on for himself, even add his own testimony to the hearing but Pomfrey had finally resorted to locking the door to the infirmary with magic, and confiscating their wands so that the teens would stay still and rest while their bodies heal. Ron took very little time accepting this as his injuries had been the worst of them all having had a broken leg already before Moony had even gotten to him. He had also accepted the sleeping potion that the mediwitch had offered. Hermione had stayed up long enough to scold Crookshanks for a few minutes until she too had succumbed to sleep. Harry himself was still to wound up, to worried to even think about sleeping. They didn't realize what these two men meant to him, could mean to him. They were the last few personal connections to his parents that he had left. Sirius might even be able to offer him a real home for the first time since his parents died those twelve years ago. The two men were also very close friends who had just re-found each other. The dog animagus would be devastated if anything happened to the other man, and would blame it on himself. Harry had not known his godfather very long but he saw much of his own self there. Sirius would see the whole night as his fault because Remus wouldn't have forgotten his potion without the distraction he caused and none of them would have been out there at all if not for him. Harry preferred to think that Pettigrew had more blame there, since he was the betrayer and liar that had framed Sirius and been hiding in the school in the first place.

    Of course he could say none of this to the man, who was hopefully only being interrogated in the Headmaster's office and not being kissed into soullessness by a black wraithlike Dementor.

    He really really hoped.

    For now though all he could do was wait and pray that for once since Harry had ever had dealings with them that the Ministry of Magic would be reasonable. Somehow he very much doubted it.

    There would be no sleep for him tonight.

    Actual Pet-site Like Things:
    -The Isha are a fierce and proud species of avian. They resemble a Terran bird of prey and are quite obviously made to kill and eat meat. Created by Junarreian the Archmage three centuries past for reasons unknown they have taken well to life in the wild. Magical metal feathers dictate rank in the Flock, with Silver being both largest and smartest, with gold, iron and nickle following respectively.

    -The Simple Spear is well built and mostly unadorned. A sturdy wooden shaft and carved arrowhead make for a useful tool.

    -Inura Waterfall is considered one of the most beautiful spots on the Inamma Lake, and is the main channel for funneling Hopspot River into the calm and frigged lake. At 50 feet tall the top of the Falls are a popular picnicking spot.

    I am also willing to take critique of my work, and work well incorporating the ideas and work of others. World building and cultural and ecosystem development is really my thing.

    I love you


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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by Emmie on Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:45 am

    Username: Emmie
    Writer Type: Item descriptions and Other, was hoping maybe I could be of assistance with writing guides, I know for most sites like this, there never seems to be enough information readily available.
    Examples: I can't really give examples as I'd need to know the information before I can make it into a guide.

    To be honest, I don't have any experience, but I have plenty of time on my hands to dedicate to doing this. I would also like to try my hand at writing item descriptions, if you like me to do an example for this, then feel free to send me an image of anything, and I will do my best to give it a good description.

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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by ShortAxel on Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:21 am

    Username: ShortAxel
    Email: beaubeau.main@gmail.com
    Writer Type: Preferred would be Scenery Descriptions, Main Storyline, and/or Roleplay Plot/Storyline. However all sound like fun!
    Examples: I have many examples on my dA, shortaxel.deviantart.com

    I'm online daily, for at least a few hours (usually around 6+). I've always wanted to be a writer for a website, and am able to fully dedicate my writing abilities to the site! As long as you're patient and understanding that sometimes I may need longer than others (I'm recovering from a C-section and trying to finish my senior year of high school), I'm definitely your girl.

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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by Peregryn on Wed Jan 19, 2011 11:09 pm

    KaiVii and ShortAxel, you two are both accepted. Emmie, I'd love to see a few examples from you. Perhaps just pick a picture and describe it for us?

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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by Peregryn on Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:41 pm

    For now, I'm closing apps for writers. Thank you for your applications and interest. Those that have applied have been contacted.

    Emmie, please read the above post for your instructions Very Happy
    Princess Puff

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    Post by Princess Puff on Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:55 pm

    I was wondering if I was accepted as a writer, if I'm not, it's okay, because I would still like to join the website.


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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

    Post by Emmie on Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:14 pm

    Sorry, haven't checked on this for a while, will sort out those descriptions for you once I have my own pc back up and running (i'm sure i must have images on there i can use)

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    Re: - Writers Apply Here -

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